Secondary School

All museum-led school programs increase students’ awareness of biodiversity, evolution, ecology, and conservation. School programs focus on conveying the beauty, wonder and importance of biodiversity.

Note: Please arrive at least 15 minutes before your program time, so you can check in, visit the washrooms, and begin exploring the museum.

Self-Led Visit


 All grades  |  Flexible length

Tuesday-Sunday year-round; additionally on Mondays between Victoria Day and Thanksgiving Day, inclusive

10:30 a.m., 11:30 a.m., 1:30 p.m., 2:30 p.m., and 3:30 p.m.

Explore our six collections at your own pace with your own focus. You design and lead your own lesson or take advantage of our on-going and featured activities. The duration of your visit is flexible to best suit your needs.

What is Biodiversity?


Grades 8-12 |  1 hour

Biodiversity can be defined as the variety of life, but it is much more complex than that sounds. On this tour, explore the museum as you get hands on with specimens and hear a variety of stories that highlight what biodiversity is and what makes it so fascinating. Stories focus on the drama of biodiversity, how species change over time, the human link to biodiversity, and biodiversity of the past and future.

To Eat or Be Eaten


Grades 8-12 |  1 hour

Without food to eat, most organisms could not survive. And surviving those who are on the hunt for food is no easy task! All species of plants and animals, fungi and microbes have come up with ways to eat and ways to avoid being eaten. On this interactive museum tour, explore the diverse relationships that we see in nature that are based on food, get hands-on with museum specimens and discover amazing stories of survival.

Extreme Adaptations


Grades 8-12 |  1 hour

The diversity of life encompass the unfathomably small and incredibly giant, along with everything in between. Size isn’t the only extreme: every organism on our planet is adapted to survive and exploit the world around it. There are extreme and fascinating examples from every branch on the tree of life. This tour will satisfy your extreme curiosity about the world around you.



Grades 8-12 |  1 hour

Evolution explains how the vast biodiversity around us originated and is arguably the most important theory at the heart of modern-day biology. On this thought-provoking tour, hear stories that reveal how our understanding of biodiversity has changed over time and what these changes tell us about our own heritage. Stories focus on biodiversity of the past, how species change and survive over time, evolution in the modern world, and what we know about relationships among living things – including how humans fit in.

UBC Biodiversity Research


Grades 8-12 |  1 hour

We have learned so much about our world in recent times, yet so much remains to be discovered. On this tour, expand your knowledge of biodiversity and discover how UBC researchers are helping to solve some modern-day mysteries of the natural world. Stories highlight microscopic diversity, how species evolve, how organisms interact in ecosystems, and how our actions can affect future biodiversity.

Backyard Biodiversity


Grades 8-12 |  1 hour

From oceans to mountains, desert to rainforest, and every ecosystem between, British Columbia is filled with varied niches and organisms, ranging from the familiar to the fantastic. By looking closely at the life around us, we can further appreciate and understand biodiversity. On this tour, you will explore the museum’s collections while discovering rare, cryptic, and genetic diversity in our incredible provincial backyard.



All grades  |  1.5 hours

Life is diverse, exciting, and incredibly beautiful. During this program, your class will have the opportunity to touch and observe museum specimens while practicing sketching and drawing skills. We will pull out specimens and stories focused on BC Biodiversity, including familiar neighbours from the lower mainland.

Museum Tour with a Curator


All grades |  1 hour

Experience  a collections-specific tour of the Beaty Biodiversity Museum with a curator showcasing their area of expertise. Explore the museum with a new lens, and gain a new insight on your favourite collection. Plan extra time before and after your tour to explore the rest of the museum.  

Collections Experience

4 (3)

All grades |  1 hour

Behind the cabinets and doors of the Beaty Biodiversity Museum are the people and specimens that make it tick. Unveil the stories and process that supports the museum, and get behind-the-scenes access with a curator. Plan extra time before and after your experience to explore and enjoy the museum.

Earth Experience


All grades |  4.5 hours

The Beaty Biodiversity Museum and Pacific Museum of Earth (PME) have joined forces to offer tours and programs to compliment your science curriculum. Located less than a 5 minute walk apart, the Beaty and PME are perfect field trip locations to combine for a full-day visit to UBC. By taking part in  E2, students will explore the amazing natural forces that shape the earth and how this has influenced the variety of insects, plants, and animals around us.

Teacher Tour


As an educator, how can you help facilitate student learning at the museum? The museum contains a wide variety of specimens and information, which can be catered to learners of all ages. On this unique tour, appropriate for teachers of all grades and ages, you will explore strategies to utilize the museum as part of your teaching plan. Learn about the museum’s collections, programs, activities, resources, and more!


This tour is appropriate for educators looking for a group outing or professional development day.

Rates & Times

Museum-Led School Programs & Tours

$7.00 plus tax per child, youth, non-UBC Students and Seniors

$10.00 including tax per Adult

Please note that Earth Experience and Collections Experience prices vary.

Self-Led Visit

$6.00 plus tax per child, youth, non-UBC Students and Seniors

$10.00 including tax per Adult

All museum-led lessons are offered at 10:15 a.m. and 1:00 p.m. Your group is welcome to stay after the visit or lesson to explore the collections if you have time, please adjust your schedule accordingly.

Self-led visits are available at 10:30 a.m.. 11:30 a.m., 2:30 p.m., and 3:30 p.m.

When your group lesson is over, you don’t have to go home! Full-day museum admission is included with your lesson price. The museum hosts a wide range of activities including scavenger hunts, naturalist 101 activities, and tours. Visit our “What’s on today” page for details.

Minimum 15 participant charge per museum-led program, tour, and self-led visit; these fees cover program delivery and staffing costs. Children under five years old receiving a museum-led school program or tour will be charged the child rate to cover program delivery and staffing costs. One adult (includes teachers and chaperones) free for every 10 students; additional adult guests may join your group for $10.00/person. Educational programs and experiences are subject to change. The Beaty Biodiversity Museum reserves the right to cancel, change or reschedule a booking due to unforeseen circumstances, such as staffing issues. Please check our cancellation policies.