Beaty Nocturnal: A Botanical Time Machine

What’s it like to be a botanist? Come and find out at a very special Nocturnal, where we will explore the museum’s herbarium collection with curator Linda Jennings. 

It’s easy to think of winter as a time when we are waiting for spring flowers to bloom, but there is lots happening in the herbarium at this time of year.

Botanists come indoors to play, after a season of collecting plants outside, and compare their finds to the thousands of specimens already housed in our century old collection. This makes the herbarium a time machine of nature; capturing each species at a particular moment.

Come in out of the January cold for an evening, and learn about how this time machine is organised, cared for and used by thousands of scientists!

You will also discover which plants to look out for during the winter time; around campus and in the forest, parks and city streets of Vancouver.

The museum will be open from 5pm – 8:30pm.

Admission by donation.