Extreme Adaptations

Grades 7-12, Post-Secondary, Adults |  60 minutes | Tour

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The diversity of life encompass the unfathomably small and incredibly giant, along with everything in between. Size isn’t the only extreme: every organism on our planet has adapted through natural selection to survive and exploit the world around it. There are extreme and fascinating evolutionary examples from every branch on the tree of life. This tour will satisfy your extreme curiosity about the world around you.

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This is a museum tour, which allows your group to learn more about the stories behind the museum’s exhibits and displays. Plan to be standing and walking on the tour. If you are looking for an activity-focused experience, please look at one of our 75-minute programs, such as One Life to Live (grades 3-7), Sketching (all grades), or Inquiry into Evolution (grades 10-12).

  • Science 7: The theory of evolution by natural selection provides an explanation for the diversity and survival of living things
    • Natural selection through adaptive radiation – a proposed mechanism of the theory of evolution, survival needs and interactions between organisms and the environment.
  • Science 9: Cells are derived from cells
    • Asexual and sexual reproduction
  • Biology 11: All organisms have characteristics that define them as living and interdependent. Life can be organized in a functional and structural hierarchy ranging from cells to the biosphere; living things are interdependent; living things are diverse and evolve over time
    • How animals shape their physical environment, living things and their roles in ecosystems

Many of our Educator Resources can support your visit. Here are a few ideas to get you started:

Scavenger Hunts and Museum Activities

We suggest using a scavenger hunt before or after your program to help students explore the museum in a guided way.

  • Eat or be Eaten
  • Birding Bonanza
  • Winter Wonderland
  • Amazing Evolution
  • Explore Evolution Map

Pre and Post-Visit Resources

  • Explore Evolution Resource Package
  • Extending the Field Trip

Please visit our Educator Resources page to download these materials.