In-Museum Activities

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Illustration by Trish Roberts, Exhibits & Design Volunteer, 2016.

Resources can add an educational element to your museum experience, before, during, or after your visit. These museum and educator-developed activities are a great resource for bringing your museum experience into your classroom. The following activities are designed to enhance learning during your visit. As you scroll through, you’ll notice that the educator resources on this page are organized by grade level within each category.

Use our free audio tour at the museum to learn more about our six collections. Bring your own device, headphones, and connect to UBC Visitor WiFi.


The following museum activities help to stimulate creativity by encouraging your group to draw their responses:

Creature Features 
Hunt for creatures with common features with this printable worksheet. Guide your students using this student example | Grades K-3

Describing and Drawing Organisms
Use clues to find and draw organisms in this printable museum activity | Grades K-3

What's in each collection?
Find an organism in each of the 6 collections at the museum in this activity | Grades K-3

Aquatic Exploration
Hunt for creatures that depend on the ocean in the museum's collections using this printable aquatic activity . Use the answer key to check your answers! | Grades 4-12

Ocean Pair Up
Use this printable activity to hunt for ocean creatures through common characteristics | Grades 4-12

Explore Evolution Map
Download this pdf map of evolutionary stops in the Beaty Biodiversity Museum. Audio tour links are provided. This map can be used alone or to complement the Explore Evolution Resource Package | Grades 10-12

The following museum resources require some writing skills:

Measurement Fossil Fun
Complement your museum visit with this activity in which students practice making estimates by measuring objects around the museum using their hands as a nonstandard measuring unit, and with a ruler, which is a standard measuring unit. A printable template and a student example are included to help guide your group | Grades K-3

Learn about phylogenetic relationships and how organisms are grouped and related using this printable activity. Use this answer key to check your group's work! Note that this activity requires some spelling | Grades K-3

Bird and Dinosaur Connection: Elementary
Did you know that dinosaurs still live among us today? Compare and contrast these two groups during your museum visit using  this museum scavenger hunt and answer key | Grades 3-7

Amazing Evolution
Explore the concept of evolution in depth using this museum scavenger hunt and answer key | Grades 4-12

Birding Bonanza 
Learn how birds connect to their surroundings using this bird-related activity and its answer key | Grades 4-12

Culture at the Centre Knowledge Path
Explore land and language following six stories that connect these communities to their territories using this printable knowledge path. Visit our exhibitions page to learn more. | Grades 4-12

Eat or Be Eaten
Explore how organisms eat and avoiding being eaten with this printable activity and its answer key | Grades 4-12

Forest Biodiversity 
Discover more about forest biodiversity in this printable forest-related activity and its answer key | Grades 4-12

Ocean Biodiversity
Discover more about ocean biodiversity in this museum activity. See the answer key to check your answers!  | Grades 4-12

Urban BiodiverseCity
Discover more about urban biodiversity in this museum activity and check your answers using this answer key | Grades 4-12

Wetland Biodiversity 
Discover more about wetland biodiversity during your museum visit using this printable museum activity and its answer key | Grades 4-12

Winter Wonderland
Learn about the adaptations organisms have to survive through the winter in this activity and check your answers using this answer key | Grades 4-12

Bird and Dinosaur Connection: Secondary
Did you know that dinosaurs still live among us today? Compare and contrast these two groups in-depth during your museum visit using  this museum scavenger hunt and answer key | Grades 8-12

Living Fossils Scavenger Hunts
Learn about the organisms that exist today, and their ancient ancestors while exploring the museum. Use these two scavenger hunts and answer keys that complement each other, while exploring all six of the museum's collections and the Timeline Exhibit. Learn about Fish and Reptiles, and download our answer key. Explore the Tree of Life, and find the answers here | Grades 8-12

Classification and Relationships
Explore the museum in search of evolutionary stories through similarities and differences using this museum activity and see this answer key | Grades 10-12

Research Scavenger Hunt
In this scavenger hunt, students explore research stories in the museum and create their own research topic, and see this answer key to check your answers | Grades 10-12