Search the Collections

The Beaty Biodiversity Museum does not currently have a single database for searching the entire Collection. With over 2 million specimens it is a BIG project to digitize them all.

For the moment some of our collections are using databases common to scientific researchers in their field, while others have made databases of their own, and some are working on a digitization plan. Please see below for links to, and instructions on using, each Collection’s database. 

Cowan Tetrapod Collection

Search VertNet.

To restrict searches to specimens in the Cowan Tetrapod Collection, please type UBCBBM in the field labelled: InstitutionCode within the Darwin Core terms section of the Advanced search.

The Cowan Tetrapod Collection is very proud to be part of this 86-member international multi-museum search engine. Species, localities, or collectors can be searched using conventional database fields or by specified circles on maps.


Search the Herbarium’s Database

Some of the Herbarium data are also available on the following collaborative projects: E-Flora BCCanadensys, Consortium of Pacific Northwest Herbaria and the Global Biodiversity Information Facility

Spencer Entomological Collection

Search the Spencer Entomological Collection’s Image Database.

The Spencer Entomological Collection is in the process of being digitized and therefore not everything is currently available. Some of the Spencer Entomological Collection data are also available on the following collaborative projects: E-Fauna and Canadensys.

Fish Collection

Search FishBase.

Enter “UBC” under “Begins with” in the “By catalogue no.” box; genus and species in the “Name used in collection boxes”, any other filters you wish and hit “Search”.

Or for a standard FishBase search with access to pictures, drawings, distribution maps, catch data, graphs of body mass versus brain size, red list status, spawning and size data by geographic area, and much more, click here

  The Marine Invertebrate Collection and the Fossil Collection are currently working on their digitization plans.