A Step Closer to Releasing Endangered Oregon Spotted Frogs

On April 19, 2012, Karen Needham, Rob Curtiss, and Chris Stinson of UBC Beaty Biodiversity Museum joined Jennifer Heron, Invertebrate Specialist with the BC Ministry of Environment, and the Oregon Spotted Frog (OSF) Recovery Team for a day of field work near Harrison Hot Springs. The pond the group visited has been identified as recovery habitat and a potential release site for Oregon Spotted Frogs, which are endangered species in BC.

(Top) Rob Curtiss examining a net-ful of bugs; (bottom) Chris Stinson showing off a charming Western Toad.

Karen, Rob, Chris, and Jenny conducted a survey of aquatic insects to help establish a baseline prior to any introduction. These insects will be the major food source for the adult frogs. Amphibians currently residing in the pond were also catalogued.

Once the Oregon Spotted Frogs are released and hopefully establish, the group will return to sample the aquatic insects again to see how the community has changed over time.