Virginia Noble: Winner of Best of Way Cool 2013

The votes are in and tallied! Congratulations to Virginia Noble, our winner of Best of Way Cool 2013! She shares with us her thoughts upon hearing the wonderful news:

I am very honoured to have been voted the “Way Coolest” lecture of 2013. I remember how great the audience was and how thoughtful the follow-up questions were, especially from some of the younger audience members. I really enjoyed giving this talk.


While I was a master student in the Beaty Biodiversity Centre, I learned a lot from attending seminars given by different researchers. I’ve always been looking for ways to share what I’ve learned in the tropics with others. The Way Cool Biodiversity Lecture Series was a perfect place for me to share my experiences and research. I am delighted to hear how much the audience enjoyed learning about strawberry poison frogs.


I was able to attend several Way Cool Lectures in 2013 and I thought all the speakers did an amazing job at sharing their excitement for their particular species or ecosystem. I look forward to attending more Way Cool lectures in 2014. Thanks again to everyone that was able to come and listen to why I feel strawberry poison frogs are way cool!

Way Cool Biodiversity Series

The Way Cool Biodiversity series happens on the first Sunday of every month. Come listen to a family-friendly lecture as a different biodiversity researcher competes for public affection for their groups! The next presentation is this Sunday on Weasels are way cool because… Come and join Chris Stinson, Curatorial Assistant of Mammals at the Beaty Biodiversity Museum, as he uncovers his favourite group of mammals: weasels and their fellow group of mustelids.