A Visit to the Queen Mary Elementary School Biodiversity Museum

In late June, I was invited by two students of Queen Mary School’s Division 4 class to visit their class museum that they has set-up in the school’s library. The class had visited the Beaty Biodiversity Museum on several occasions and during one of those visits I had the pleasure of interacting with their inquiring minds.

I accepted the invitation and was glad that I did. In the library, the class had set up a wonderful set of displays describing and celebrating various aspects of biodiversity. A gracious tour guide, Taylor, led me through fantastic exhibits including a huge horseshoe crab, an exploration of adaptations in cheetahs, why dragonflies are Nature’s “jet fighters.” They even had their own Herbarium!



Of course, my personal favourite was the “Fish Fact” board game – except that I was beaten by Beau, its inventor!

It was a great visit and inspirational to see the added value that a visit to the Beaty Biodiversity generates through the dedication, hard work, and enthusiasm of kids – all driven by their devoted teachers. I am, however, glad that it was only a temporary museum, otherwise the Queen Mary Museum might have cut into our business!