Reorganizing Remarkable Resources

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As a student, I know the importance of a neatly organized desk. It’s where I work, eat, (and sometimes fall asleep). I’ll admit, sometimes I find some long lost treasures while cleaning out my desk

While working on the Seashore Beaty Box, I discovered an  extensive collection of Educator resources. Free printable resource packages, activities, and templates with answer keys. It turns out, the Beaty Museum website has 86 educator resources and counting!

I found these gems to be a very helpful tool for creating lesson plans and realized these were hidden treasures just waiting to be discovered by educators. We have recently reorganized these in order to help educators  better navigate the resources.

These thoughtfully designed resources are now primarily grouped by topic – educators can chose from a range of pre- & post- field trip activities, activities that can be done inside the museum, and a special selection of whale related activities. Activities are further organized by suggested grade level, and each resource has a description stating whether the activity  focuses on writing or drawing to help educators decide which activities best suit their unique group of students.

Museum exhibits are another great resource for educators. The Beaty has a mixture of changing and permanent exhibits both in the museum and on our website, so there is always something new to explore, and new resources to support your teaching and learning.

Researchers Revealed explores the research happening right now, right here at the Biodiversity Research Centre. Students can discover the questions scientists are asking about our world and explore how they are answering them. Printable pdf of scientists and their work make a great starting point for student projects.

Culture at the Centre and the accompanying Knowledge Path allows visitors to explore land and language through stories that connect six Indigenous communities to their territories.

Our recent resources reorganization means our collection of printable pdfs, worksheets, scavenger hunts and activities are easier to find.

Just like in the cabinets of the museum, you can quickly find what you are searching for, no matter how odd.