Biodiversity Research Photo Competition 2020/2021

The Biodiversity Research Photo Competition showcases the diversity of research and researchers at UBC’s Biodiversity Research Centre. These images communicate the excitement of biodiversity research and the captivating nature of its subjects, in a visual celebration of innovation and creativity. They tell the story of our strange and wonderful natural world and those who study it.

Congratulations to our top three entries in the 2020/2021 BRC Photo Competition: Warren Wong (UBC-V, Carillo Lab), Christopher Beirne (UBC-V, Burton Lab), and Siobhan Darlington (UBC-O, Ford/Hodges Labs). See images below! All eligible entries can be viewed on the dedicated exhibition website, put together by Evan Craig.

Thank you to all the photographers who participated. Thank you also to our judges, David Ellingsen, Phil Roberge, Sylvia Heredia, Rick Taylor, and Margo MacDonald, for their time and expertise.

Stay tuned for the in-museum exhibit. If you’re out in the field in the future, or doing research from closer to home, remember to take photos. Your images help us tell the story of the work in the Biodiversity Research Centre!

BRC Community’s Choice is Warren Wong (UBC-V, Carillo Lab), for the photograph “Intimacy between Parasitoid and Host”


First honourable mention is Chris Beirne (UBC-V, Burton Lab), for “Rainforest Superhighways”


Second honourable mention is Siobhan Darlington (UBC-O, Ford/Hodges Labs), for “A Cougar’s Gaze”