Beaty@Home Live: Draw Along

What’s the role of illustration in science? Draw along with Derek Tan, Digital Media Specialist at the Beaty Biodiversity Museum, and the illustrator behind many of the exhibits.

Learn some basic elements of drawing a monochrome still life at home with the materials you have on hand. We recommend:

  • Pencil: a set of drawing pencils would be ideal, but any pencil will do.
  • Paper: heavyweight papers can stand up to more drawing and erasing. Papers with texture will add a different dimension to your drawing.
  • Eraser: kneadable drawing erasers are great, white vinyl erasers also work well. Avoid hard, crumbly erasers.


  • Digital illustration system. A tablet with stylus, or a computer with drawing tablet and appropriate software.


  • A still-life subject to draw. Pick two or three simple, geometric objects (think spheres, cylinders, cones, cubes, boxes and other simple 3d objects) to draw as a group. Fruits can be a good choice, but use your imagination!

This activity-focused session is recommended for ages 9 and up with the support of an adult. Join us as a household to draw together!

All of the Beaty@Home sessions are free to join from anywhere around the world. All you need is an internet connection. You can join us on Zoom or on Facebook live! You can also call in over telephone, simply register on the Zoom link for the list of numbers.

If you would like to contribute to the museum, we appreciate any donations, purchasing a membership, planning to visit in person when safe to do so, and sharing information about the museum with friends and family. Thank you for your support of the Beaty Biodiversity Museum!