Nocturnal: Prehistoric B.C.

What was life like in British Columbia before humans arrived?

Come and find out at Nocturnal, where we’ll be joining forces with the Pacific Museum of Earth for you to explore B.C’s past, from how it was shaped by the pull of tectonic plates to the creatures that have walked its changing surface.

Follow the footprints of tiny therapods, the dinosaur ancestors of modern birds, and meet the majestic, ocean dwelling elasmosaur – whose neck is so long that palaeontologists originally mistook it for a tail!

Tour our fossil collection, including stromatolites, some of the oldest life on Earth, and visit the Pacific Museum of Earth’s OmniGlobe, where you can watch the planet’s shifting surface through the ages.

Through guided talks and demonstrations, you’ll be able to see, touch, and maybe even smell, the incredible diversity of life that has made its home in this region across millions of years.

Both museums will be open from 5pm to 8:30pm. Admission is by donation.

Let us know on Facebook if you’ll be joining us!

5:30pm – Fossil Collection tour at the Beaty (meet under the whale)
6:00pm – B.C. Megafauna talk with Laura Termes (Beaty auditorium)
7:00pm – Tour of the elasmosaur skeleton and Pacific Museum of Earth (meet at the Beaty gift shop)