Nocturnal – The Heart of the Fraser Screening

Special Nocturnal edition! Join us on November 21 at 6:00pm for a screening of The Heart of the Fraser documentary and a Q&A session with Dr. Ken Ashley, Director of the BCIT Rivers Institute and expert in aquatic fisheries restoration and environmental engineering.

The film highlights one of the most valuable ecosystems in the world, the Fraser River, and calls attention to the continuing destruction of this culturally-rich ecosystem in the lower Fraser River. It shows the profound changes development has had on the landscape, and the efforts to protect and restore the gravel reach from further degradation.


This documentary informs the public about land use decisions that are damaging the most important reach of the Lower Fraser River, known as the ‘Heart of the Fraser’. If this habitat is destroyed, or severely degraded, the future of Fraser River salmon, and the ecosystems and people that depends on them, could be lost.

Watch the trailer here!

Admission by donation starting at 5:00pm. Screening will start at 6:00pm, and the museum will stay open until 8:30pm. All ages welcome!


5:00pm – Admission by Donation and Special Tour
6:00pm – Screening of The Heart of the Fraser Documentary
6:45pm – Q&A Session with Dr. Ken Ashley
7:00pm – Museum Tour