‘ONLINE’ Beaty@Home Live: On the Origin of Species – Darwin’s Creatures

A long hallway featuring the Earth Timeline exhibit at the Beaty.The theory of evolution was independently conceived by two natural scientists in the mid-19th century – Charles Darwin and Alfred Wallace. Darwin then published the Origin of Species, which detailed how different organisms share common ancestors and introduced the processes of natural selection. This publication and its conception of the evolutionary theory remain a cornerstone in biology today.

Learn about the species that Darwin observed that led him to piece together the multiple components of how species evolve over time. Stories will highlight his fascination with the adaptation of carnivorous plants, how he studied the inheritance of behavioural traits by observing honeybees, and more.

Join the museum on February 17 to celebrate the ongoing learning and understanding of evolution, marked by the commemoration of Charles Darwin’s birthday on February 12 each year.

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Two stickleback fishes in small jars.This museum tour is recommended for ages 9 and up with the occasional support of an adult to help with zoom or typing. We highly encourage classrooms to join us for this themed tour. You’ll have opportunity to ask questions if you join us live! This session will be livestreamed and archived on the Beaty Museum’s Facebook page.

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