Past Exhibits

The Beaty Biodiversity Museum hosts several special exhibitions every year, from breath-taking wildlife photography to artistic explorations of the natural world, inspired by the specimens in our collections.

If you are interested in exhibiting your work at the Beaty Biodiversity Museum, please Apply Now to fill out our Online Exhibition Proposal Form.

Documents of Collapse

Documents of Collapse Sculptures by Jude Griebel and drawings by Lorraine Simms Nov. 21, 2019 – Apr. 19, 2020  

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Biophilia: A Dialogue of Nature, Art and Science created by Christopher Marley December 12, 2019 – August 23, 2020 Wonder

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Step into the enchanting world of the often overlooked in this unique joint exhibition.

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The Wild Creative

Examine biodiversity loss during the Anthropocene – the Age of Man – through compelling artworks.

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Woven Woods

June 2 – November 4, 2018: Feel the deep-rooted connection between trees and their ecosystems through quilted wall hangings.

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Skin & Bones

September 15, 2018 – August 13, 2019: Examine our complicated relationship with the animal world.

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Life: As We’ve Known It

March 17 – August 19, 2018: Reflect on the beauty and fragility of life through intimate photographic portraits.

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Life In Colour

September 16, 2017 – February 18, 2018: Drawings by Angela Gooliaff, colouring by you.

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The museum has welcomed many artists since we opened in 2010. Here is a collection of our early exhibitions.

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