Nature Club Family Days Contest

Interested in winning a birthday party at or family membership to the Beaty Biodiversity Museum? Participate in 4 of the Nature Club Family Days activities for a chance to win!

To participate, each child in attendance at any Nature Club on the first Sunday of the month will be given a passport containing 4 blank “what I learned today” sections. At each Nature Club event, draw or write what you learned that day in one of the sections. There is no right or wrong way to show what you’ve learned, so feel free to be as creative as you want! Before you leave, return your passport to a Beaty staff member or volunteer and we will keep it for you until you visit us next time – whether that is next month or in a few months.

A passport is complete once all four “what I learned today” sections are complete. Each passport requires the participant to attend any four Nature Club Family Days to complete it and receive an entry form.

While each child can only have one active passport at any given time, there is no limit to passports given to each family – for example, if your family has three children attending Nature Club, you will be given three passports. If a participant finishes a passport, they can start a new one at the next Nature Club they attend. Passports that are in progress can be kept at the Beaty and stored under the child’s name. Once passports are complete, they will be given to the family.

A parent or guardian will be asked complete the entry form on their completed passport(s). If the parent or guardian is a UTOWN resident AND have preregistered online, their entry will be eligible for double entries on each passport that is completed. Entry forms are submitted at the admissions desk.

Completed entry forms will be entered into a draw to win 1 of 6 birthday parties at or 1 of 12 family memberships to the Beaty Biodiversity Museum. Each submitted entry is eligible to win in all of the draw periods, which are currently scheduled for February 18, 2020 and June 17, 2020.

Winners will be contacted by email on the date of the prize draws. Instructions on how to claim your prize will be provided to the winners at this time. Prizes have no cash value.