Online Beaty Box Sketching (Kindergarten and up)

Starting on September 8, 2020, we will be launching an online layer of programming to complement Beaty Box rentals.

Life is diverse, exciting, and incredibly beautiful. During this online program, your class will have the opportunity to touch and observe museum specimens while practising sketching and drawing skills. Using the Beaty Box in their classroom, and engaging with our Museum Interpreters online, together we will explore specimens and stories in your Beaty Box and in the museum.

Please ensure your groups has their drawing materials, we encourage the use of sketching pads, pencils, and other materials that they wish to work with. Let us know your class’ comfort level with sketching – all levels are welcome!

Please ensure your group is comfortable with the Beaty Box and have practised handling the specimens – this will allow our Interpreters to dive right into the content!

This booking is 60 minutes long. This includes 15 min tech and materials check with facilitator in advance, plus 45 minute program time, which includes time for student questions and discussion.


We recommend you explore your Beaty Box in advance of your online program so you and your class are comfortable with the range of specimens available and how to safely handle them.

If a portion of your students are joining from home, they can grab a fruit/vegetable, houseplant, stuffed animal, or toy/figurine (something three dimensional and biodiversity related) and join the program.

Each student should have a pencil and 5 sheets of blank paper (loose or in a booklet). Access to a sharpener and eraser is also great. In addition, students may want to add sketching pencils, coloured pencils, or other favourite art materials. Clipboards or hard books are helpful if students don’t have enough desk or floor space for their paper.

Remember that paint, liquid inks, clay, messy materials can damage the museum specimens – keep specimens separate from these media, and wash your hands before touching specimens.

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BC Curriculum: Big Ideas and Content Connections

  • Arts Education K-1: Develop processes and technical skills in a variety of art forms to nurture motivation, development, and imagination
  • Arts Education 2: Develop processes and technical skills in a variety of art forms to refine artistic abilities, reflect on creative processes and make connections to other experiences
  • Arts Education 3-5: Connect knowledge and skills from other areas of learning in planning, creating, and interpreting works for art
  • Arts Education 6-7: Demonstrate an understanding and appreciation of personal, social, cultural, historical, and environmental contexts in relation to the arts; interpret creative works using knowledge and skills from various areas of learning
  • Arts Education 8-12: A variety of content links can be explored during this program.

Suggested Program Resources

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Post-Program Resources

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