Post-Secondary Schools

University of British Columbia Classes

UBC students, faculty, and staff receive free admission to the Beaty Biodiversity Museum with a valid UBCcard.

We encourage UBC classes to use the museum as an alternative place of learning. Discounts are available on our museum tours and programs for UBC classes. Please fill out our form to book your museum visit.

All Other Post-Secondary Classes

We have a multitude of programs for your course to select from. Please take a look at our programs and select the one that best suits your needs. When booking please indicate the class type and institution you are coming from so we understand your background level of knowledge on the topic.

Note: Please arrive at least 15 minutes before your program time, so you can check in, visit the washrooms, and begin exploring the museum.


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What’s the difference between a program and a tour?

Programs are 75-minute bookings that are an activity-focused experience. Sketching is an example of a program. Select a program if you want your experience centred around a specific activity facilitated by a museum interpreter.

Tours are 60-minute standing and walking experiences focused on the stories behind the museum’s exhibits and displays. Extreme Adaptations and What Is Biodiversity? are examples of tours. Select a tour if you want your experience centred around exploring the museum with a museum interpreter.

Self-Led Visits

Flexible length

Self Guided_thumbnail

Explore the museum’s six collections at your own pace and with your own focus. Our collections include fungi, moss, plants, marine invertebrates, mammals, birds, reptiles, fishes, insects, and more! Teachers are welcome to design and lead their own lessons or to take advantage of the museum’s ongoing and featured activities.

This type of visit is appropriate for all grades and most group sizes. Self-led visits are available Tuesday through Sunday throughout the year.

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Many of our Educator Resources can support your visit, here is a list to get you started.

Pre-Visit Resources

Scavenger Hunts and Museum Activities

We suggest using a scavenger hunt or other activity to help students explore the museum in a guided way.

Post-Visit Resources

Sketching Program

75 minutes | Program


Life is diverse, exciting, and incredibly beautiful. During this program, your class will have the opportunity to touch and observe museum specimens while practicing sketching and drawing skills. We will pull out specimens and stories focused on BC Biodiversity, including familiar neighbours from the lower mainland.

There is no need to bring drawing materials, but if your class has a current sketching practice, please encourage them to bring sketching pads, pencils, and other materials that they wish to work with. If you bring in paper or pads, ensure that students have sufficient room to make many sketches on blank paper. Let us know your class’ comfort level with sketching – all levels are welcome!

Please review the museum’s policy on artists in the museum for more information.

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Museum Collection Tour

60 minutes | Tour

Dive deep into one of the six collections that make up the museum: Tetrapods, Marine Invertebrates, Herbarium, Entomology, Fish, or Fossils. Discover stories about BC species, research, and how organisms in the collection of your choice relate to others.

This introductory tour will teach you about the different specimens in the collection, along with stories about the people that have contributed to it. After a brief tour, your group will head to the Discovery Lab to get hands-on with specimens from the collection.

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Curator Tour

Groups requiring specific or technical information regarding a collection may request a private tour with a collection curator. Curator tours are subject to curator availability and additional fees.

Groups looking for more general information on a specific collection should request a Museum Collection Tour.

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Extreme Adaptations Tour

60 minutes | Tour

Extreme Adaptations_thumbnail

The diversity of life encompass the unfathomably small and incredibly giant, along with everything in between. Size isn’t the only extreme: every organism on our planet has adapted through natural selection to survive and exploit the world around it. There are extreme and fascinating evolutionary examples from every branch on the tree of life. This tour will satisfy your extreme curiosity about the world around you.

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Evolution Tour

60 minutes | Tour

Evolution_thumbnailEvolution explains how the vast biodiversity around us originated and is arguably the most important theory at the heart of modern-day biology. On this thought-provoking tour, hear stories that reveal how our understanding of biodiversity has changed over time and what these changes tell us about our own heritage.

Learn how organisms have adapted to various environments over time. Topics include natural selection and the Earth’s timeline. Students will be presented with specimens and exhibits, so they can observe features that have helped species survive. Students will think about patterns of evolution and evolutionary change.

Stories focus on biodiversity of the past, how species change and survive over time, evolution in the modern world, and what we know about relationships among living things – including how humans fit in.

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What is Biodiversity? Tour

60 minutes | Tour

What is Biodiversity_thumbnail

Biodiversity can be defined as the variety of life, but it is much more complex than that sounds. On this tour, explore the museum as you touch authentic specimens and hear a variety of stories that highlight what biodiversity is and what makes it so fascinating. Through maintenance and preservation of ecosystems, different species can coexist. Students will understand the relationships between biodiversity and mechanisms that organisms use to thrive in different environments.

Stories focus on the drama of biodiversity, how species change over time (evolution), the human link to biodiversity, and biodiversity of the past and future.

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UBC Biodiversity Research Tour

60 minutes | Tour

UBC Biodiversity Research_thumbnailWe have learned so much about our world in recent times, yet so much remains to be discovered. On this tour, expand your knowledge of biodiversity and discover how UBC researchers are helping to solve some modern-day mysteries of the natural world. Stories highlight microscopic diversity, how species evolve, how organisms interact in ecosystems, and how our actions can affect future biodiversity.

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Online Museum Collections Tour

60 minutes | Online Tour | Cost $60 including tax

Join us online to virtually explore the six collections that make up the museum: Tetrapods, Marine Invertebrates, Herbarium, Entomology, Fish, and Fossils. Discover stories about BC species, biodiversity research, and different specimens in the collection and how they relate to each other.

This introductory online tour will teach you about some of the different specimens in the collection, and showcase some of our Museum Interpreters’ favourite specimens and stories. After a virtual tour, you will have time to ask questions.

This booking is 60 minutes long. This includes 15 min tech check with facilitator in advance, plus a 45-minute session – composed of a 30-minute virtual tour followed by 15 minute Q&A with a Museum Interpreter.

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Many of our Educator Resources can support your visit. Here are a few ideas to get you started:

Pre-Visit Resources

Post-Visit Resources

Please visit our Educator Resources page to download these materials.