Parking: Life In Colour Opening

Please enter the code “Colour” to receive $2 parking on Thursday, September 21 for the Life In Colour exhibition opening. This code is valid only in the Health Sciences Parkade on Thursday, September 21.

Coupon Code Instructions

  • Hit CANCEL a few times to wake the pay station up
  • Enters their license plate
  • The pay station displays all the rate options including “Coupon – All Day” option
  • The customer selects “Coupon – All Day” and it is prompted for a coupon code
  • The customer enters the coupon code “Colour” and then “OK”
  • The pay station will then ask for $2
  • After paying the meter (either coins or credit cards), the transaction will then be finished
  • Select YES or No for a paper receipt (receipt does not need to be on the dash)
  • The vehicle plate is now valid to park until midnight

Contact if you have any questions. We look forward to seeing you there!