The Beaty Biodiversity Museum welcomes enquiries from local, national and international media.

Please contact the Marketing, Communications & Events Co-ordinator via email or on 604.827.3741 regarding any filming inquiries, or if you wish to speak to a museum curator.

Background information on the museum and past press releases are also available.

Professional Filming

The Beaty Biodiversity Museum is available for filming with written permission and the provision that the conditions of the policy for filming on the UBC campus are met. Contact the university’s filming liaison for more information.

Professional Photography

The Beaty Biodiversity Museum reviews requests for photography on a case-by-case basis. Any photographer who intends to use images of the museum for commercial or promotional purposes must obtain written consent from our marketing and communications department. At a minimum a photo location credit will be required for photo use, unless otherwise negotiated. Please review the UBC policy for filming (which includes commercial photography).

Any photographer who intends to use images of Beaty Biodiversity Museum for commercial, advertising, or promotional purposes is required to pay a usage fee. Without payment of the fee and/or application approval, it is strictly forbidden to sell or use images taken of the Beaty Biodiversity Museum or our logo for commercial or promotional activities, which include but are not limited to publishing; marketing; educational materials; products and retail merchandise; general and web advertising; broadcast; or any situation where the photographer is paid for the use of the image. Contact the university’s filming liaison for more information.

Request an image

High-quality images of our museum, events, community outreach activities and our logo are all available to appropriate publications and media outlets. Be sure to check the Beaty Biodversity Museum Flickr page.

Non-Professional Photography

Amateur photographers are welcomed to take photos in the Beaty Biodiversity Museum for personal use and enjoyment, but are asked to please observe the rules in our Photography and Filming Guidelines.

We ask all photographers to please honour these policies when taking photos in the Beaty Biodiversity Museum:

  • No flash photography is allowed without prior permission to preserve the collection, much of which is light sensitive.
  • No commercial photography allowed without prior permission.
  • Please remain conscious and respectful of other visitors. Refrain from any behaviour that may directly interfere with their museum experience.
  • No tripods permitted due to space limitations.
  • Please do not climb cabinets or open displays without permission.
  • The Museum assumes no responsibility for loss, theft, or damage to equipment.

The Beaty Biodiversity Museum maintains the right to adjust these policies to reflect the best interests of the Museum and the general public.