October 1, 2020 – February 20, 2022

Museums are places of memory. In the Beaty Biodiversity Museum, every specimen in the hundred-year-old collection holds a history: of its own life, the people associated with it, and its evolutionary record stretching back through eons.

These memories are kept alive by the community around the museum: its researchers, faculty, staff, students, and volunteers. This community’s commitment to biodiversity takes many forms, often in creative expression. Science and art were never mutually exclusive.

Showcasing these works celebrates the Beaty Biodiversity Museum’s first ten public years, and is a reminder that the museum is a place of recollection, of creativity, and of dreams.

Visit the museum to see the original artworks and experience the exhibition.

You can also visit the show online.

Contributing artists, listed alphabetically by last name

Nicolas Bailly
Gabriela Barragan
Elisabeth Bergman
Jen Burgess
Ruby Burns
Sheila Byers
Amelia Choy
Brett Couch
Adrian Dwiputra
Thanushi Eagalle
Cassandra Elphinstone
Harold Eyster
Alyssa Gehman
Lauren Gill
Keely Hammond
Sylvia Heredia
Sydney Honsberger-Grant
Linda Horianopoulos
Erick James
Faith Jones
Patrick Keeling
Zaynah Khan
Lesha Koop
Chu Chien Lin
Margaret Lin
Amy Liu
Jennifer Losie
Colin MacLeod
Wayne Maddison
Beatriz Martin
Sam Matys
Quinn McCallum
Ailsa McFadyen-Mungall
Anita Miettunen
Jenny Munoz
Virginia Noble
Mary O’Connor
Zoe Panchen
Michelle Pang
Philippe Roberge
Catherine Salinas
Keerthikrutha Seetharaman
Amanda Smith
Catherine Stewart
Ildiko Szabo
Derek Tan
Wouter van der Bijl
Simi Wei
Hanson Wong
Cathy Yan
Isaac Yuen


Exhibition Contributors:

Yukiko Stranger-Galey and Derek Tan
Derek Tan, Evan Craig, and Simi Wei
Lesha Koop
Education Advisor
Nancy Lee
Judging Committee
Sylvia Heredia, Wayne Maddison, Karen Needham, Gregory Shapiro, Eric Taylor, and Karen Yurkovich