The Wild Creative

The Wild Creative by Asher Jay

Saturday 24th November, 2018 – Sunday 28th April, 2019

Examine biodiversity loss during the Anthropocene – the Age of Man – through compelling artworks and thought-provoking narratives.


Common Name: Asher Jay

Scientific Name: Asherus Jayus

Description: Mammalian and well groomed like its close relatives, the Great Apes. The Asher has golden brown curly hair that it wears in a short, asymmetrical cut. Tall, tan, and attired in trendy ensembles, this untamable creature of athletic stature has signature dark circles around its eyes, proof that this being is nocturnal by choice and diurnal by coffee. The sleep deprivation can be attributed to its workaholic nature.

Time is definitely relative to the Asher, and even though it sports a prominent watch at all times, it has yet to use the apparatus for its intended purpose, which suggests that the Asher uses the watch solely for peacocking. Its long fingers occasionally sport manicures but mostly they are covered in paint splatters, a symptom of its career choice.


Asher Jay is an international adventurer and public figure whose compelling paintings, sculptures, installations, animations, ad campaigns, and films all have a single purpose: to incite global action on behalf of wildlife conservation. 

Asher’s travels to the frontline have made her witness and story-teller, combatting illegal wildlife trafficking, promoting habitat sanctuaries and illuminating humanitarian emergencies. Her core message, again and again: biodiversity loss during the Anthropocene – the Age of Man.

Exhibition Contributors

Yukiko Stranger-Galey

Derek Tan
Alirod Ameri

Lesha Koop

Scientific Advisor
Sally Otto

Education Advisor
Angela Liu