Preventing Extinctions: Architecting the Accretocene

May 19, 2022 – March 26, 2023

Preventing Extinctions: Architecting the Accretocene by Andrew S. Wright

Island Conservation works to prevent extinctions on islands. They remove invasive species from fragile ecosystems to protect native biodiversity. This exhibit is a celebration of their success. It invites you to imagine Island Conservation’s work as a part of a global effort where people contribute to the health of the world’s environment.

Since 1994, Island Conservation has teamed up with local communities, governments, and conservation groups in their effort to save species. Their efforts focus on the environments where species are the most vulnerable. Working together, they have successfully restored 65 islands worldwide, benefiting over 500 species.

This exhibit features and celebrates the success of five islands. Gwaii Haanas, Canada – Okinoshima, Japan – Kaho’olawe, Hawaii – Palmyra Atoll, Northern Line Islands, South Pacific – Isla Floreana and Seymour Norte, Galápagos.

The recovery work requires determination and endurance. The outcomes are profound and spectacular to experience. It is our hope that this exhibit whisks you to another place and invites you to join this work. Together, we can create a more vibrant world. We can be the architects of the Accretocene Age.

For further adventure reading, consider the Pelican’s Paradise. The exhibit also acknowledges and deeply thanks Science World, the Beaty Biodiversity Museum, the Tyee, and Canada’s National Observer for their support over the last decade in communicating the importance of island conservation endeavours to a wide public audience.

The exhibit was conceived by conservation photographer and Beaty Biodiversity Museum supporter Andrew S. Wright.


Exhibition Contributors:

Michael Fairchild-Simms & Yukiko Stranger-Galey

Miriam Levine, Chihiro Sakamoto & Derek Tan

Scientific Advisors:
Nicolas Bailly, Sheila Byers, Karen Golinski, Linda Jennings, Karen Needham, Christopher Stinson, Ildiko Szabo

Education Advisor:
Nancy Lee

Lesha Koop