Life In Colour

This exhibit is now closed. Check out what you can currently experience at the museum here.

Drawings by Angela Gooliaff, colouring by you
September 16, 2017 – February 18, 2018

Colour your way through nature on a giant mural that showcases ecosystems from BC and around the world.

Presented by Hemlock Printers, artist Angela Gooliaff explores keystone species in both the terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems, employing feminine symbology of peace and wisdom, and story through a giant interactive colouring book mural. “I have connected my investigation of keystone species with the adult colouring book movement as an interruption to the current story of the natural world,” says Gooliaff.

By presenting a web of life for visitors to interact with, it will be visually apparent just how biodiverse our ecosystems are and how drastic an impact the removal of one species from the environment could be. Gooliaff concludes that by “giving the audience control to own their story through colour, perhaps will get them thinking about their own story and placement within the natural world.”

Exhibition Contributors

Presenting Sponsor


Yukiko Stranger-Galey

Derek Tan
Haseenah Molumo

Lesha Koop

Scientific Advisors
Cowan Tetrapod Collection: Ildiko Szabo, Christopher Stinson
Marine Invertebrates Collection: Christopher Harley
Herbarium: Linda Jennings, Olivia Lee
Spencer Entomological Collection: Karen Needham, Chris Ratzlaff, Don Griffiths
Fish Collection: Eric Taylor

Carl Schlichting, In Support of Difficult Art and Artifacts
Conservation, Museum of Anthropology

Family Colouring Day

December 3: Drop in to visit with Life In Colour artist Angela Gooliaff and colour your own piece with artwork

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Colouring Contest

Win special prizes or have your work included in the exhibition.

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Beaty Nocturnal: Life In Colour opening

September 21: Come by for a night at the museum and celebrate the opening of our newest exhibition, Life In Colour.

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