Beaty Boxes

The award-winning Beaty Boxes are outreach kits with touchable specimens, information about UBC research scientists, and hands-on activities that explore biodiversity. Our outreach kits provide educators and students with the opportunity to connect with the Beaty Biodiversity Museum’s unique biological collections. All Beaty Boxes contain touchable specimens and other scientific objects to stimulate inquiry and discussion within the classroom, enhancing the student learning experience. Schools, community centres, libraries, home-learners, and other groups can book a box and share it with other classes in the school or institutions in their immediate area. This can be a cost-effective way to share resources in the community.

Read the COVID 19 Safety procedures we are taking to ensure our Beaty Boxes are safe and clean, and what you can do during the rental to safely enjoy the box.

Watch the videos to learn how to handle Beaty Box specimens.