Congratulations to Derek Tan: 2016 President’s Service Award recipient

Derek Tan

Derek Tan, on a botany foray.

The Beaty Biodiversity Museum is proud to announce that our own Digital Media Specialist Derek Tan is one of this year’s recipients for the President’s Service Award.

Derek is one of three recipients of the Creativity & Innovation Service Award, which recognizes the personal achievements and contributions that UBC staff make to the community, and to the vision and goals of the University. The Creativity & Innovation Service Award’s specific criteria includes:

  • Making innovative contributions within their field of work
  • Contributing to a project or initiative that enabled a more effective environment in which to work or learn
  • Creating new, cost-effective, sustainable and/or innovative work methods that align with the mandate of the unit
  • Developing a new approach, technology, or implementation that helped solve an organizational goal or challenge
  • Demonstrating a high level of problem-solving skills
  • Introducing new and meaningful ways of approaching a project, process, or service

Derek constantly performs his duties with a high degree of dedication and commitment, supporting every area of the museum from our educational team, to our membership events, to museum outreach initiatives. His collaborative approach and commitment to education and outreach comes across in every project in which he is involved. Every time the museum embarks on a new project, Derek’s contributions to digital and print design are crucial to implementation.

Museum director Eric Taylor enthusiastically endorsed Derek’s nomination for this award: “I strongly believe that Derek’s design skills have been fundamental to the public’s understanding of biodiversity as a concept through the museum. Derek is one of the true leaders of the museum. His work is everywhere, and through Derek’s creativity, and dedication effectively, that work is the visual ‘personality’ of the Beaty Biodiversity Museum.”

The Beaty Biodiversity Museum and all of its staff heartily support the decision to award Derek with the Creativity & Innovation Service Award! Congratulations!