Spring Break 2017

March 11 – March 26
Spring Break

During Spring Break, join the Beaty Biodiversity Museum every day at 12:00 pm for a different hands-on activity, brought to you by volunteers, staff, curators, and special guests! Meet new friends while exploring different aspects of the biodiversity around us. From identifying incredible insects, to art, games, crafts, and hands-on activities, you’ll be a biodiversity pro in no time.

All activities are open to all ages and are included with membership or admission on a drop-in basis, unless otherwise noted. Children under the age of 13 must have adult supervision in the museum at all times. Please call us for more information at 604-827-4955; press 0 to connect to staff.

Are you offering a spring break camp? Check out our children’s program options for private, hands-on, biodiversity experiences suitable for your group

Meet under the whale at 12:00 pm unless otherwise noted. The Beaty Biodiversity Museum reserves the right to change or modify programming as needed. The Beaty Biodiversity Museum is closed on Mondays and statutory holidays.

Saturday, March 11: Digestive Detectives | 12:00 pm

It is all about owls today! Learn about an owl’s diet by dissecting an owl pellet, touch different owl specimens, and make an owl craft to take home.

Sunday, March 12: DNA Extraction | 12:00 pm

Curious about DNA? Come learn all about the genetic code inside all living things. Participate in a DNA extraction and make a bracelet with your unique sequence.

Monday, March 13: museum closed, no session

Tuesday, March 14: Backyard Birds | 12:00 pm

There are so many different looking and sounding birds found right here in the lower mainland. We will train our eyes and ears to detect who these feathered friends are on your next walk around your neighbourhood!

Wednesday, March 15: Seed Bombs | 12:00 pm

Get the garden ball rolling with a burst of biodiversity. Make your own seed bomb and take it home!

Thursday, March 16: Window into Biodiversity | 12:00 pm

Can you imagine being under the sea peering through the portal of your submarine? Or do you picture yourself on dry land looking at lions through the window of a jeep? Whatever your favourite ecosystem, this activity gives you the opportunity to craft your own ‘window into biodiversity’ to look through and take home.


Friday, March 17: Creative Camouflage | 12:00 pm

Get up close with some of the craftiest creatures in our Marine Invertebrate collection and create a take-home craft that mimics their camouflage abilities.

Saturday, March 18: Puppeteering Workshop | 12:00 pm

Do you love performing, puppets, and crafts? Learn to puppeteer with animal puppets and a fun pocket puppet craft. If you have your own biodiversity puppets, you are welcome to bring them along. All ages are welcome. Arrive right at noon if you would like to build a pocket puppet.

Sunday, March 19: Investigating Sea Shells | 12:00 pm

Observe a variety of sea shells with your eyes; and explore them with touch. Do you see what you feel?

Monday, March 20: museum closed, no session

Tuesday, March 21: Open Studio | 12:00 pm

Get inspired to draw from amazing museum specimens with the help of Derek Tan, our Digital Media Specialist and the illustrator behind many exhibits in the museum. Art supplies will be available; feel free to bring your sketchbook.

Wednesday, March 22: Earth Science | 12:00 pm

Join our friends from the Pacific Museum of Earth to get hands on and learn more about the wonders of Planet Earth! After the activity, you are welcome to visit them by donation, just across Main Mall.

Thursday, March 23: Pressing Plants | 12:00 pm

If preserved well, plant specimens can last hundreds of years in a museum. But how is this done? Learn how to collect responsibly, press plants, and label them with Linda Jennings, the Herbarium’s Assistant Curator of Vascular Plants & Algae.

This activity takes place in the Niche Café and outside – please dress accordingly!

Friday, March 24: Pond Poke | 12:00 pm

Join our Entomological Curator, Karen Needham, for a springtime pond poke! Peer beneath the water’s surface and discover the fascinating creatures living in the Beaty Museum’s water features.

This activity takes place outside – please dress accordingly!

Saturday, March 25: Sea | 10:30 am – 1:00 pm

Today we will peer beneath the ocean’s surface and discover the fascinating creatures and formations that make up life under the sea. Find stations throughout the museum between 10:30 am – 1:00 pm!

Sunday, March 26: Flower Power | 12:00 pm

Flowers are amazing and enticing structures. Dissect a flower, learn the names of the parts and how they function, and get to take home your work. Use a microscope to examine the legs of a bee, and learn about how different flowers get pollen onto insects.

This activity takes place in the Niche Café.