Vision & Mission


A world where biodiversity is better understood, valued, and protected.


The Beaty Biodiversity Museum strives to inspire an understanding of biodiversity, its origins, and importance to humans through collections-based research, education and outreach. As Vancouver’s natural history museum, we work to promote a greater sense of collective responsibility for the biodiversity of British Columbia, Canada, and the world.

Core objectives

The BBM strives to:

  • Act as a core contributor to university research and teaching  by conducting internationally recognized collections-based scientific research and by being a leader in the acquisition, care, and use of biological collections, and their information content and accessibility
  • Be a leader in the use of biological collections in public outreach, education and exhibits, inspiring people to understand and value their connection with the natural world and to live and act in ways that promote its sustainability
  • Communicate the excitement and value of the biodiversity science conducted by researchers at the University of British Columbia
  • Act as a community resource and gathering place to promote life-long learning and engagement in biodiversity