People and Pollinators in the City are Way Cool because . . .

Founded in September 2012, Hives for Humanity Society connects people to nature, to community and to each other, through bees, and the culture that we foster around the hive. We founded our society after one season of beekeeping in the heart of the Downtown Eastside of Vancouver, on blocks whose reputation is for street entrenched poverty, homelessness and addiction. Through a conversation with one of the community residents who we managed our first colony alongside, we realized that the bees were building hope, fostering self-worth, and giving people a reason to lift their heads up.

We bring nature into the heart of the city where residents are living in isolation, disconnected from land, food and community. In creating forage and habitat where a diversity of bees can thrive, we create spaces where people can thrive too, supporting at-risk human populations and pollinators, thus enhancing our social and environmental welfare.

This talk will cover the why and the how of our work, get into some of the fascinating biology and communication of wild and managed species of bees, and give you tools to support people and pollinators in our city. We are all connected, and when we acknowledge and honour that connection we can build inclusive, healthy communities together.

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