Volunteering at Beaty Biodiversity Museum & UBC Botanical Garden

UBC Biodiversity Collections were fortunate to have the opportunity to work with two work experience students recently. How did their like working at the Museum?

Work Experience Student 1

Having the opportunity to volunteer at the museum is a great experience. For my three week work placement, I have been given the chance to work behind the scenes of the museum in the Herbarium, on the museum floor, and explore nature throughout UBC Botanical Garden.

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Work Experience Student 2

As a student in a high-school Science Co-op program, I was able to spend three weeks working in the Beaty Biodiversity Museum and UBC Botanical Garden. This work experience program allowed me to get an insider’s look at how museums and public gardens are run, and gave me a unique opportunity to learn about biodiversity, gardening, collecting specimens, organizing public events, and working with the public.

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