What I did during my internship at the Beaty Biodiversity Museum

Hi – I’m Jamie! I’m a recent graduate of the Biology program at UBC, and I’ve been lucky enough to work at the Beaty Biodiversity Museum on the Researchers Revealed project over the last few months as an intern in the Young Canada Works Program. Researchers Revealed is a series of short videos showcasing people who study biology in the Biodiversity Research Centre (BRC) on the UBC Vancouver Campus.

A big part of my job is interviewing staff and students who work in the BRC, asking them things like: What do you study? How did you get into Biology? What is one of your favourite research memories? I film our talks and send the clips off to our trusty video editor and Work Learn Student, Mandy, who pieces it all together to make movie magic.

Another important part of my job is making resources to go along with the Researchers Revealed videos. I’ve been making education packages for teachers, linking the BC elementary- and high-school curricula with ongoing biodiversity research at UBC. I’ve also been working on extra activities and explanations of tricky concepts to complement our videos. I research and write all this information up, and Evan, our Media Technician, puts it all together – and makes it beautiful! He also makes all the amazing diagrams.

During my position, I’ve gotten to meet a lot of different researchers, find out about what they do, and chat about all things Biology! I’ve also learned how to use camera and audio equipment – skills I hope to take with me into my career, as a biologist myself.

My time working with the Researchers Revealed team has reinforced the importance of sharing and communicating science. Biologists study and discover many incredible things… Why not teach people about them?

Click here to see the Researchers Revealed profile, and join us live to hear more from Jamie and the rest of the people involved in Researchers Revealed, as part of Beaty@Home on Wednesday, May 19th. Register here!