‘ONLINE’ Beaty@Home Live: Bryophytes, Fungi & Lichens

Dr. Karen Golinski  recently joined the Beaty Biodiversity Museum as Collections Curator – Bryophytes, Fungi & Lichens with the Herbarium.  Join us as we get to know more about Karen, her research and her experience.  We are also keen to hear what she is looking forward to in her new role what it is like starting a new job during the time of physical distancing.

This informal chat with a researcher is recommended for ages 9 and up with the occasional support of an adult to help with zoom or typing. You’ll have opportunity to ask questions if you join us live. Click here to register!

Photo by Derek Tan – Mosses, liverwort, and horsetail on Whipsaw Trail, BC. Mosses and liverworts are types of bryophytes, while horsetail is a vascular plant. https://www.flickr.com/photos/beatymuseum/7640146796/in/album-72157630735373120/


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