Nature Club

Join us ONLINE the first Sunday of the month at 10:30am for biodiversity activities for children ages 5 – 12 years old accompanied by their families. Our museum educators, along with special guests from the Pacific Museum of Earth and UBC will explore a variety of topics.

Two young museum visitors complete a puzzle of a harbor porpoise skeleton hanging on a wall.

Families are also welcome to visit us IN PERSON during Nature Club weekends to explore the collections at their own pace. Download our suggested activity sheets each month to focus your visit. Our team is taking all steps to ensure the safest conditions for our visitors and staff.

Advance registration is required for both online and in person visits. See below for all dates and registration pages. Families registered for our next Nature Club editions will get a chance to win an amazing 4D Augmented Reality Science/Chemistry Lab!

Share your findings, thoughts, stories, photos, and more on our Community Contributions form (see below) for a chance to be featured in a future Nature Club, and to be entered to win prizes.

Everyone is welcome to participate! Thanks to the generous support of Campus and Community planning, UBC campus families can take part for free! Other families can join our Online Nature Club for $10 per household, and can use their membership or regular admission tickets to explore the museum on Nature Club weekends.

Nature Club for 2020-2021 has finished! Thank you for attending and supporting the Beaty Biodiversity Museum.
To be notified of future nature club sessions, please sign up for the museum’s newsletter.


Everyone is welcome to participate! Thank you to Campus and Community Planning for their generous support of Nature Club programming.

Online Nature Club:

  • Dates are listed on our calendar and fall on the first Sunday of each month (except October, which is the second Sunday) at 10:30 PDT. All sessions will run for 60-90 minutes.
  • Participants must register in advance for each session on our calendar.
  • $10 per household, free for UBC Campus Families
  • Expect to join over Zoom, you will need an internet connection or can dial in over phone. We will not record the sessions.
  • Participate using video, audio, and/or chat!

On-Site Nature Club:

  • Dates are listed on our calendar and fall on the first Saturday and Sunday of each month (except October, which is the second weekend).
  • Tickets must be booked in advance using our hourly ticketing system.
    • After registering for that month's Online Nature Club, UBC Campus families will be emailed a voucher code for free admission for up to four children and two adults. Campus families will be asked to show their UBCcard, UNA, UTown, or other ID with a UBC address/postal code to verify their free admission.
    • For non-campus residents, regular admission rates apply. We suggest exploring membership if you will visit more than twice in a year.
  • Visit during our open hours and explore the museum using our suggested resources.
  • Children under the age of 13 must be accompanied by an adult at all times.

UBC Campus Families are families of anyone who lives at UBC Vancouver or UBC Okanagan, or is a staff, faculty, or student on either campus.

Prize draw fine print:

Sunday, October 11: Fabulous Fungi
Autumn has arrived, the air is getting cooler, the leaves are changing colour, and mushrooms are starting to appear.


Sunday, November 1: Fintastic Fishes
Fish have a backbone, live in water and breathe using special organs called gills. Fishing to find out more? Join us as we explore the diversity of fishes and take a closer look at fish in our collection.


Sunday, December 6: Beautiful Bryophytes
Bryophytes, a group of plants that include mosses and liverworts, are beautiful! Learn more about this curious group of plants that do not produce any flowers and reproduce using spores instead of seeds.


Sunday, January 3: Fun with Fossils
Fossils are the preserved remains, or traces of plants and animals. They can tell us about ancient life on earth and help us understand present day biodiversity. Join us as we learn more about different types of fossils, how they are made, and what we can learn from them.


Sunday, February 7: Marvelous Marine Invertebrates
Join us and learn more about this amazing group of marine creatures that live without backbones. We will explore the world of mollusks, starfish, sponges, jellyfish, and corals, just to name a few!


Sunday, March 7: Feather Facts
This month we are learning more about our favorite feathered friends. Join us as we explore the diversity of bird bodies, shapes, and sizes.


Sunday, April 4: Magnificent Mammals
Mammals are a group of warm-blooded animals with backbones and include musk ox, humans and blue whales! Find out more about the characteristics that link us together.


Sunday, May 2: Petal Power
This month we will be looking closely at petals and exploring flowering plants, the group of plants that produce seeds, fruits, and flowers.


Sunday, June 6: Exciting Entomology
Entomology is the study of insects. This month we are taking a closer look at some interesting insects in the museum collection and learn more about fascinating features of these organisms.