Self-Led Visits

All grades  |  Flexible length

Note: Self-led visits are available Tuesday through Sunday throughout the year and additionally Mondays during summer hours, between Victoria Day and Thanksgiving Day, inclusive.

Explore the museum’s six collections at your own pace and with your own focus. Teachers are welcome to design and lead their own lessons or to take advantage of the museum’s ongoing and featured activities.

This type of visit is appropriate for all grades and most group sizes.

Curriculum Links

We encourage you to visit the museum before your class does, and look deeper into the collections for cross-curricular inspiration, including math, language arts, social studies, visual arts, and science.

Use our daily schedule to help select programming to fit your day.

Suggested Resources

Any of our Educator Resources can support your visit. Start by reviewing our Important Museum Terminology to familiarize yourself with the vocabulary found in the museum. 

Use our Raising Big Blue worksheet as a companion to our documentary, shown daily at the museum.

We suggest using a scavenger hunt at the museum to help students explore the museum in a guided way. You can also design a worksheet for students to complete; many teachers have had success using this technique at the museum.