All grades  |  1.5 hours

Life is diverse, exciting, and incredibly beautiful. During this program, your class will have the opportunity to touch and observe museum specimens while practicing sketching and drawing skills. We will pull out specimens and stories focused on BC Biodiversity, including familiar neighbours from the lower mainland.

There is no need to bring drawing materials, but if your class has a current sketching practice, please encourage them to bring sketching pads, pencils, and other materials that they wish to work with. If you bring in paper or pads, ensure that students have sufficient room to make many sketches on blank paper. Let us know your class’ comfort level with sketching – all levels are welcome!

Curriculum Links

  • Kindergarten: Elaboration, colour, line, shape, pattern
  • Grade 1: Magnification, colour, line, shape, texture, pattern
  • Grade 2: Simplification, abstraction, colour, line, shape, texture, pattern, symmetrical balance
  • Grade 3: Multiplication, superimposition, fragmentation, colour, line, shape, pattern, radial balance
  • Grade 4: Sketching ideas, animation, serialization, stylization, form, contrast, emphasis
  • Grade 5: Rotation, reversal, tone, value, movement, sketching ideas
  • Grade 6: Magnification, compiling, minimisation, space, rhythm, asymmetrical balance
  • Grade 7: Compiling, juxtaposition, metamorphosis, distortion, exaggeration, many elements
  • Grade 8-12: Create art using variety of techniques and for many purposes
  • Post Secondary: Can complement a variety of course curricula

Suggested Resources

Many of our Educator Resources can support your visit. Here are a few ideas to get you started:

Pre-Visit Resources

  • Colouring sheets
  • Origami
  • Crossword
  • How to Draw a Blue Whale
  • How to Draw Krill
  • Word Search

Scavenger Hunts and Museum Activities

We suggest using a scavenger hunt before or after your program to help students explore the museum in a guided way.

  • What’s in each collection?
  • Describing and Drawing Organisms

Post-Visit Resources

  • Adaptation Creation
  • Extending the Field Trip

Please visit our Educator Resources page to download these materials.