Beaty@Home: Stay Connected Online

As of August 2020, this page is no longer updated. Please visit our new Online Resources page for the most up-to-date information. Thank you!

Here are just a few ways that you can connect and learn online with us and experience the Beaty@Home.

Join us on Wednesday afternoons for a live Beaty@Home session, where our interpreters will showcase a biodiversity topic or be joined by a special guest! Learn about biodiversity research, collections work, and amazing people. Find all of the dates, topics, and register on our calendar. Find our past Beaty@Home sessions on our facebook playlist, open to all!

If you’re teaching at home, or looking for a virtual group tour, you can book a private Online Collections Tour! Explore our learn page for more information.


Follow the Beaty on Social Media

Connect with us on social media for highlights, news, activities, and stories on biodiversity:  Facebook | Twitter | Instagram


Enjoy our Virtual Exhibits

The Beaty features a wide range of online exhibits, featuring the Sturgeon Harpoon Knowledge Web, Researchers Revealed, and more. No downloads are needed for these great resources! You can even explore our whale station from your home computer.

Enjoy an audio tour or virtual tour of the museum, using our online visitor guide (html) or printable visitor guide (pdf) to help navigate the museum. Explore our Flickr page, where we feature photography of the museum, past and present exhibitions, and events.


Use our Educator Resources

There’s something for everyone! Many of our activities can be done at home or in your local park. Explore our resource pages for art, writing, research, and discovery-based activities appropriate for ages 5 and up. Use them for fun and education.


Search the Beaty’s Online Collection Databases

Discover hundreds of thousands of our specimens that are catalogued online. Find data to help support your research or curiosity. Many specimens also feature photos! Search different specimens by scientific names, places, collectors, dates, and more! In addition to our specimen database, you can explore photos of nearly every species in the Spencer Entomological Collection.

Learn about research happening at the museum and the Biodiversity Research Centre.


Read our News and Stories

The Beaty’s News and Stories are posts that offer a different look into the Beaty. Read about the people, research, and news behind the museum!

Watch Beaty Museum Videos

Enjoy Beaty videos on our YouTube channel, which highlight past talks, Researchers Revealed, informative shorts, and more! If you want to watch Raising Big Blue, you can find it on Amazon Prime or Vimeo.

Hone your ID Skills at home!

Want to expand your identification skills? Use some of our favourite websites to help you learn about the organisms outside!

  • Mushrooms Up! focuses on mushrooms in the Pacific Northwest
  • iNaturalist and Seek are wonderful apps to help log and identify organisms world-wide
  • Share your photos with us on social media!

Visit UBC Museums and Galleries online!

We are so grateful to have myriad world-class museums, gardens, and galleries in our neighborhood at UBC. While you can’t visit in person, we encourage you to explore their online resources and plan your future visit!

Some of our favourite online resources:

A blue typewriter in an opened blue leather case


Learn about the typewriter in the photo on our 100 Years, 100 Treasures exhibition: