Online Beaty Box Programs

Starting on September 8, 2020, we will be launching an online layer of programming to complement Beaty Box rentals.

We will offer two bookable online programs to compliment a Beaty Box rental:

Online Beaty Box Sketching (Kindergarten and up)

Online Beaty Box Adaptation Exploration (Grades 3 – 7)

Online Programs

$60.00 per group (tax included), payable online with Visa, MasterCard, or Interac Online.

Program Length

Online programs are 60 minutes long. The online program includes up to 15 minutes for a tech-test with the organizer, students, and facilitator before the program begins, plus 45 minute program time, which includes time for student questions and discussion.

When you click the zoom link, you will be taken to a waiting room. The organizer will be let in first, so we can quickly touch base about the program. Then, students will be allowed into the zoom room where we can check that things are set up and working smoothly before we begin. The main organizer can sign on a few minutes before the scheduled start time (up to 5) if preferred.

Booking Times

Online sessions are offered at 10:15 a.m. and 12:45 p.m.
Online programs are booked using our online booking form and follow our regular booking policy and procedures

Class Size & Management

A maximum of 30 participants per booking makes for an optimal experience. We will expect the adults responsible for the group to provide group management and facilitate Q&A. The amount of time for individual students to ask questions and interact will depend on the number of students in the call. Due to the nature of the programming, and the limit of numbers of specimens in the Beaty Boxes, both the Beaty Box: Sketching, and Beaty Box: Adaptation Exploration virtual programs cannot accommodate more than ~30 students per program. If you have a larger group, please consider booking two or more Beaty Box programs, or book an Online Museum Collections Tour.

Technology Requirements

Online programs require a strong internet connection and access to a video/sound system. This can be achieved through a laptop. We recommend connecting your laptop to a projector to provide an optimal viewing opportunity for all participating students. To ask questions, students can type or speak into the computer microphone. We encourage the use of videos so our interpreters can see your students during the program!

If your students do not have access to the internet, they can call into the program using a local phone number.

Once your online program request has been confirmed you will receive information on your program. Your 10:15 or 12:45 program time is when you and your students should log onto the zoom link we send you. We will let the main teacher into the zoom room first to quickly touch base, then allow all students in for  tech and materials check with the facilitator before starting the program.  This tech test is included in your 60 minute booking time and is included in your tour fees

Platform & Security

We run sessions using Zoom, as this is a widely available and easy to use platform. Once your booking has been confirmed, you will receive a unique link for a Zoom meeting. You are not required to hold a Zoom license as the Museum is hosting the meeting. Where possible, we will work with organizations who prefer to use other platforms.

We take steps to ensure security while online and expect the same of the groups we are working with. We provide unique meeting links, passwords, virtual waiting rooms, and designated staff to manage the online environment.

We ask that you do not share your unique meeting link beyond the immediate audience and avoid posting meeting links on social media. We expect participants to join and leave at designated times.

There is an element of risk using any online interface, and while we take steps to ensure security of the facilitators and audience, we cannot accept responsibility should the session be compromised.


We do not record our online tours out of respect for the safety and privacy of our facilitators and participants. We will offer the option of sharing a pdf of slides with the organizer to use later and to distribute with those unable to attend the live event.

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